Grady's Cafe

Jeff had since fallen asleep in his arm-chair and was motionless for at least an hour and a half. When he finally woke up, he realized that his TV had been left on. "Damnit..." he cursed under his breath. His money and income had been tight enough as it was, and a higher electricity bill wouldn't help at all.

He sighed and got up, leaving the chair rocking back and forth slowly like a leaf swaying in the wind. He decided he was in need of something with caffiene. He didn't care that it was around 4 PM. Walking outside, he locked the door behind himself and looked around, breathing in the fresh Tennessee air. He unlocked his car without slowing and slid into the drivers seat. Putting the key in the ignition, he backed up and began to roll down his drive way and eventually was off toward his favorite place to lounge: Grady's Cafe.

The drive was about five minutes long. Once Jeff made it to the dinky little building, he walked inside and sat down, calling to the waitress in a familiar tone.

"Hey, Sam. Could I get the usual?" he asked in a sweet swoon.

The girl nodded and smiled. "Sure thing, Jeff," she replied in a thick southern accent.

Once she returned, Jeff nodded his thanks and took hold of his order: Black coffee. Strong. No sugar. No milk. He began to sip it, not worrying about the heat.

The End

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