Somewhere down in Memphis

Jeff walked up the steps of his own house and inserted the front door key to access his humble, but standing abode. He had just barely made it out of college last May and was still trying falteredly to adjust to life on his own. His life had taken a huge step forward from college in the past two months after he bought his own small home. Did he have a job yet? Yes. But, it was spent working at a fast-food establishment down the road.

He stepped inside and looked around. He breathed in the scent of vanilla air freshener. He had that set up to overlap the actual odor of the house. He liked to think of it as a sort of deodorant. He hung up his hat and sat down in his chair to watch some television in his living room. Jeff Harker was an average sized man, at about six feet tall. Perhaps a few inches more. He had brown hair that was now turning blonde due to the blazing sun of Memphis, TN. The boy was still young, but stress made him look rather old in a sense. He turned on the TV and watched some comedy shows to pass the time by.

The End

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