That Old Paper

A boy named Jeff Harker found a document that explained to him the presence of a lost fortune owned by his grandparents. In his quest to find it, he gains much more than just money. This tale explains the story of his epic journey across his home country.

The house was rather ramshackle, and had not but one creaky step left on the staircase to what looked like a snaggled door. In comparison, you could say that the house was old as dirt, though such tags were not factually accurate. The foundation of the residency was settled in the year 1932 to serve an average family. This fact was hardly believable due to the horrid state the building was currently in.

The once prosperous community this house was surrounded by had faded along with the house. Not much better fairing was the rest of the run down town. Ironically, the people who would drive through the town on the new interstate had no clue that the house was hiding something rather remarkable. But, that is to come far later. For now, the place was just a dusty old coot left to crumble in a country that was now full of business buildings and flourishing sky scrapers.

The End

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