That Night

He was following me. He wanted to pursuit me. He was watching me at the night club. My girlfriends and I had no clue that we were being followed. But he didn’t want my girlfriends. He wanted me. He wanted me to be his girl. He stand in the doorway, smiling as he look at my beautiful legs. He took out his cigarette, and lid it. He watched her as he continued to smoke.

He had been watching me for a while. He worked on his thoughts on how to get me to love him. Because he was in love with me. He wasn’t out to hurt me or to stalk me. Although that is what he was doing anyway. He wanted to love me, to touch me. He wanted his manly fingers to gently caress my skin. My body, making me fall into his arms; and I belong to him.

That night was a great night for me and my girlfriends. We raise up from the table, and grabbed our coats. He followed us out the door. We climbed into the limo. Warm heat relaxed my goose bumps. We celebrated by popping open a wine for the night, because it was my birthday. The driver was getting ready to drive off, but something or someone stopped him. A man climbed into the back seat with us. He sat right next to the me. I knew I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. So I folded my arms, and didn’t bother to look at him. But he wasn’t going to give up. His five o’clock shadow on his face lets him know that I was going to be his. No matter what.  

The limo took off, and dropped everyone off at home. But he told the driver not to take me home yet. I felt like I was taken hostage by this guy. I screamed for the driver to take me home. But he quiet me down. He touched my face, which I really hated when he does that.

“Don’t scream,” he whispered to me. He sound just as sexy as his deep sexy voice, “I’m not going to hurt you.” He got really close to me, which I didn’t like. My brown eyes would not look at his beautiful face. As I turned away from him. He kept fighting with me. To get me to accept the fact that I love him too! And the fact that we belonged together. I finally looked at him. My body gave out to his soft touch. He took my hand, and he kissed it. I fell in love with him. I smiled at him. 

He grabbed a hold of me. I embraced into his arms, and he caught me. His hazel eyes hypnotized my brown eyes. He wanted me to be his woman. I wanted him to be my man. He crest my face, and I can feel it. Deep down in my bones, I knew he was mine. 

I kept pitching myself to see if I was dreaming. He was sitting right next to me. He was looking at me. His hand lay softly across my lower back. I can feel it!. I summed it up of how much he loved me. With the twinkles in his pretty hazel nut eyes, I was at his command. His warm thin lips planted across my neck. He claimed me and made me his girl.

He held me close. He never wanted to let me go. He made me feel like I'm lying in a bed full of pillowed feathers.  Then he kissed me. On my lips. His tongue wrapped around mines. It was better for us to stay together. We were locked in love. It was better for us this way; because the world is getting so dark. That moment in our kiss brought us together. That moment in our kiss made us realize how much we love each other. 

People hated the fact that we are in love. They tried to separate us. They tried to break up our love for one another. Could it be a race thing? Could it be of their own immaturity? He saw the tears rolling slowly down my face. He softly removed them from my cheeks before it could fall to it's death. He hated to see what the pain has done to me. He was angry at them for trying to break up our love. 

He kissed me; and that was enough to melt my heart. He crest my chin; that sends a sexy message throughout the rest of my body. I love the way he does that. It made me so weak and falling in love with him all over again.

"I won't let them near you," he whispered to me as he rubbed his thick sexy masculine fingers through my hair, "I will protect you. Because I love you."

Around 2 in the morning; I could not sleep. I felt something was wrong. Something sharp just hit my chest. The man I love was suppose to return to take me somewhere. Some place where he and I can be alone. Where he and I can live forever. Where he and I can become man and wife. But they took him. They took my love away from me. They took his life. Two shots echoed all through the city. But the third shot killed him instantly. He's dead! He's gone! My mother spent all night trying to give me some relief. But even her unstoppable motherly love could not ease the pain. Now, I feel angry and bitter. Because those racist jerks took the man I love. This is not a black or white thing! It's a love for each other thing!

The End

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