For all your math teachers who told you that math counts, they are sadly right. But I'm here to tell you the two most important math skills that you will use your WHOLE life! Drum Roll PLEASE! It is addition and subtraction. And they all are used for age.

Yes in this society age is everything. Being old is a sin and being young is impossible. My mom would always say "A woman who can expose their real age will never lie to you". Aging is like a new-found disease where if you get it you are quarintined from society and shunned from society. 

Then comes the amazing cure (and the only cure): BOTOX! ...Well not just botox but the whole motherboard of plastic lift me ups. If you feel depressed for the inevitable then don't any further just pay millions of dollars for some Plastic Surgery (or as I would like to call Plastic Lift Me Ups). 

Then comes love (and as previously discussed Math). As if being in love was already a burden we have to calculate age differences to. E

The End

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