That little thing called love.Mature

Remember when love was your evolving frenemy. It first occured during third grade when that cute third grade boy smiled right at  you and you knew you were married, with that one confirmed cute smile. Then came your middle school years when if someone knew your "crush" you were instantly dead. Then same the high school years were liking anyone, even an ex, was instant social suicide and being noted a confirmed "whore" (remember Mean Girls). It's a great fuzzy feeling but when it got out there was that sense of "it's over". I do. If anything love is the reason there is war and deaths. Ask Juliet or Romeo. It can be a pain. Teen love is never a good idea. Hormones + Adrenaline + Envy = WWIII. 

If anything we ll want our "love stories" to be acted as if a scripted movie. That stupid joke or fall that changes everything. That dramatic event that will almost always work out and make everything stronger. We want it to be told in a way that it will be passed as a family airloom. Something that you could tell your children and they will tell their children, and so forth. 

If you stumble by any Seventeen magazine and happen to look at the "Relationship" section you see a mixture of confusion with hormones. It seemed like desperate measures to ask a (probobly) 50 year old editor "how to deal with love." In fact, media beasically spells out love for us, that and science. According to science, scent determines love. Gee, I wonder how Juliet smelled like for Romeo to kill himself. 

My point is love. is. really. messed. up.

It's not because my "knight in shining armor" hasn't saved me (yet) but the fact is love is like a complicated math problem, if one equation is added or subtracted wrong the whole problem just falls and same in love. We have hormones, looks, boobs (lets face it), body type, movies, 50 year old writers, and now scent. If that's true love then no thanks.

Don't worry! For those who are not ready for love can have FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! Created for those who are undecided to be serious or just want to "color their life" more. We even have movies all about friends who have all your benefits ;). But then they didn't mention the down-sides. Disease, Gossip (aka social suicide), or even worse! a fully confirmed whore (or slut). 

Basically Love is now life or death. If you get one error wrong you could be excommunicated from your social environment, say hello to the restroom stall! And you would think your parents prepared you for love by talking about the birds and the bees!

I may sound like a zitty teenage drama queen but I'm 19.

My name? Samantha Nolan. Fresh off of high school and now at college. 

And if your wonderin' if I'm going to go on and vent about how off love is, this piece of literature practically 90% of my grade. I wouldn't have to write all of this if it wasn't love and hormones.


The End

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