That inspiring container of water

You know that "inspirational" metaphor with water and a cup?
Yea, I hated it, too.

That cup. No, wait, that glass. You know which I am referring to. That patronizing half-filled-half-empty glass of water that was once oh so inspirational but never-more. Until, that is, they found a way to revive it for a splinter of a second to teach you about putting that offending glass down so it doesn’t strain your arm and more importantly, doesn't strain your mind.

I have found a new light to look at it in, but it remains as offensive as it began. There is a saying in Cantonese: “half a bucket of water”. It refers to the half-learning of things. You know some of it, but not all of it. It refers to the lack of devotion, the lack of motivation to completely become eloquent in something, and therefore, leaving it half empty. Change that bucket into a glass, and there, a new concept to egg at your inner reflective self.

Optimism would be being satisfied with having learnt some of it, though not all of it. Pessimism would be wilting at the acknowledged notion that you have a problem with persisting and devotion in completing things. The complacent would put down that glass and move on with life. The reflective would hold onto that glass and let it weigh on their arms, their minds and their hearts till it becomes too stressful that they momentarily put it down but place it close by for easy reaching. Alas, only the motivated and determined shall fill up that cup and put it down forever.

I meant, that glass.  

The End

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