Innocent VictimsMature

Her gaze was drawn to the house even before the car came to a hault outside.

It was hard to miss.  Despite the fact that Halloween's spirit had garbed so many houses in its black and orange decoration, this one house stood out from amongst the others.

"So, are you ready?"

The car slowed, and stopped.  The engine died.

Turning away from the passenger door window, Eliza stared at her companion.

She smiled.

"As ready as I'll ever be."

The two girls climbed simultaneously out of the shiny red car, that they had raced through the streets in to get here.  Throwing their heads back and laughing as they sped through traffic lights, and beeping the horn in appreciation, of anyone they passed who wandered the streets in fancy dress.  The journey here had been one of excitement and anticipation.

Eliza reached behind her and pushed the door shut.  Before her, a graveyard loomed in the half-light cast by a nearby street lamp.  In the windows of the house itself orange lights flickered, which gave the impression of being either candles or maybe gas lamps.  She could just make out the carved pumpkins that sat on the porch, lights also glowed behind their features, but their expressions were too far away for her to discern clearly.

"Cool, huh?"

Molly had appeard beside her, and pointed a finger nonchalantly at the house.  " I remember the first time I came here, I was pretty awestruck."

There was no denying that the owner of this house had excelled themselves when it came to dressing it for the season.  The graveyard exuded a gothic air, and set Eliza in mind of the old Universal horror films of the 1930's.  In her "Bride of Frankenstein" costume she felt perfectly suited to be walking up the path and entering such a house.

"It's amazing."  Eliza raised a hand to pat her black wig, which stood straight upright on her head, with a shock of white streaked through the one side.  "Do I look ok?"

"You look good enough to eat my darling Liza."  Molly drawled.  She smiled, flashing her fake fangs and twirling the tail that hung from the back of the unbelievably tight catsuit.

It was certainly a werewolf costume with a difference.

"How are my ears?" asked Molly.

Eliza flicked one of the grey furry ears, attached to a headband hidden in Molly's black curly hair.

"The seem pretty sturdy to me."

The two girls linked arms and grinned at one another.  It was Eliza who reached for the gate first, and lifted the catch.  The wrought iron creaked as she pulled it open, and the sound seemed to echo around the faux cemetery.

They stepped into the garden together.

Wrapped in with scent of their own anticipation, the faint smell of trepidation floated among the empty graves.

The End

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