"This new club opened up on the main drag downtown. Let's go check it out, I bet there are hotties there with my name on 'em!"

Harvey's old silver Ford truck clambered up to 'Back Alley,' the new, slightly sketchy club downtown. It wasn't one of those, 'look at me, I'm straight out of the '50s and rearing to go' classic trucks, more a 'look at me, I have no life, am straight out of the seventies, and am just begging for attention' types. Oddly similar in personality and character to Harvey.

Sam took his good ol' time stepping gingerly down from the cab. He didn't want to be here, didn't need to be here, except Andrea always guilted him to the point of no return, and besides, Harvey needed someone by his side if any girl would even look remotely in his direction. Sam was pretty much That Guy; the perfect wingman. He was tall and lanky, always had a bit of stubble on his face, and was known for his fitted polo t-shirts and faded jeans. He was part bad ass, part sweet guy. And he knew just how to get a girl hooked before casually dumping her off on one of his friends. A man and a woman's favorite, delicious dream.

Waiting in the constantly moving line in front of the door, Harvey started his snide comments that Sam was just dreadedly waiting for. "There is some hot ass here!" He exclaimed, loud enough to make every six inch wearing girl in a five mile radius take note. "Who d'ya think'll be lucky enough to go home with these 8 inches tonight?!" he shouted, thrusting his fat hips in a oddly disgusting motion, at the same time pretending to slap asses; left and right. "Uh, well, man, I just cant tell you right yet. I guess we'll see how the night turns out." replied Sam. He could already tell no one in his party was getting any action tonight.

Thirty minutes into the night and Harvey was already well on his way to the drunken, overly horny, too old to be at any club on the main strip self. Sam surveyed him. Well, maybe he wasn't too too horrible. He might be able to get a one night stand if the girl had a bit of chub on her and had five too many margaritas, but Harvey was convinced he was still the star quarter back every girl was dying to be with that he was in high school. Unluckily for him, things had changed dramatically. Either way, he was still going for the head cheerleader type girl, the type that hadn't given him a second look for more than fifteen years.

The End

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