"Si! Are you planning to just skip school altogether today?" My mother called up the stairs the next morning,

"Yeah!" I shouted back, still half asleep,

"Well," She said, as she walked into my room, "I walked right into that one, huh?" She sat on my bed.

"C'mon, wake up, Simon. You need to get an education if you still want to be an architect,"

"Well, I don't." I said, and then I twisted around so that I was facing my blue wall. Suddenly, something cold and very wet splashed into my face. Water. I turned around to find my mother holding the empty glass, chuckling,

"God, that felt good," she said once she finished. I sighed, and sat up. I half growled, and half grunted at her as I got up, and went downstairs to make some breakfast. I picked up the box of Rice Crispies, and a bowl, and took them to the breakfast-bar. I ate silently, still angry. I went upstairs to get ready for school- well, that was my intention.- But instead, I slumped down on my bed, and layed down for a minute. I got up after a few minutes, and got dressed. When I got back downstairs to get my bag, my mum was already at the door.

"Wher're you going?" I asked her,

"To drop you off at school." She replied,

"No," I said, "no, no, no, please no!" I pleaded.

"What's wrong?" She asked,

"You can't drop me off! Do you like people bullying me?" I asked sarcasticly. She rolled her eyes,

"We don't have time for this, Simon, now get in this car!" She ordered,

"I'll walk," I replied, "the school's not that far away. besides, we have bags of time." I started to stroll calmly down the street when my mother called,

"Don't you realise the time?" She asked, "It's quarter past eight. What time do you need to be inside your form room by?"

"Eight thirty," I answered. I didn't have time. She was right. "I'm eighteen now mum, can't I just drive myself?"

"Not until you get your drivers licence." She said, "Now, come on!" She said gesturing to the car. I groaned, and rolled my eyes. I slammed the car door shut when I was in.

"Park about ten miles away from the school, mum." I told her jokingly,

"We don't even live ten miles away from the school."

"Yeah, and that's already too close." I muttered. She rolled her eyes, and drove away.

"Stop here." I demanded when we were around the corner from my school, where nobody could see us. I jumped from the car, and walked to school. But as soon as I saw my friends, I heard my mum behind me beeping. Crap.

"By Simon! Bye!"She was shouting, deliberatly trying to embarras me. I rolled my eyes.

"Parents should be banned." I muttered. I put on my Ipod, and listened to 3OH!3.

"Simon! SIMON!" I heard Sir shouting,


"Are you listening to music in my lesson?"


"Well, stop."

"Ummm, no."

"Get out." I rolled my eyes, and got up. I popped my earphones back in, without Sir seeing. I walked into the hallway. I waited outside for Sir to come out. After five minutes, I walked off. But then i saw her. She was sitting down on a plastic chair, crying.

"What's up?" I asked, sitting down next to her.

"My ex boyfriend got some girls to beat me up." She said through the sobs.

"Who's your ex?" I asked, anger clear on my face.

"Darren Masters" She replied. I walked off angrily, and started looking for him. I knew what he looked like. I looked all around the field, but he wasn't there, so I went inside. I kicked every door down, until I found him, sitting with a load of girls, talking and laughing at the back of the school, at the other end from where me and Miley were talking.

"Oi! You!" I shouted pointing at him.


"I wanna word with you."

"How about two? Get-"

"I only asked for one, and I wanted to say it." I cut him off.

"It's one thing to break up with someone," I started, "but to get girls to beat her up, what kinda person are you?"

"It's none of your bussiness."

"It is now." I said, just before I punched him square on the nose, probably breaking it. He picked up a chair, intending to hit me with it, but I grabbed it, and whacked it accross his face. He fell to the floor in a pool of blood, whimpering and crying.

"Wimp." I said, just before I walked out. I walked back to the girl, and sat by her.

"What did you do?" She asked,

"I beat him up." I said simply,

"That fast?" She sounded surprised,

"He's a bit of a weak, wimpy nerd." I said. She smiled, and i saw what those girls had done to her. I saw her ear; the way her earring had been pulled out, and her black eye.

"What did they do to you?" I asked, stroking my hand along a big bruise going along her cheek bone. She closed her eyes, and leaned into my hand. She sniffed back her tears, and opened her eyes. Slowly, I leaned in, as she moved her head closer to mine. Our lips were moments away from meetin, but then, the bell went off. She gasped. I grabbed her hand as she got up to leave.

"Hey, I never got your name." She smiled,


"Like the singer?" I joked.

"Hahaha, No. I'll see you later, Simon." She walked off.

The End

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