Seeing Her.

I played idly with my pen, not bothering- or caring- to listen to the teacher drone on and on. Hopefully, she wouldn't notice me at the back, doing nothing.

"Simon Hale! Are you listening?" She shouted to me,

"Ugh," I groaned quietly, "Yes miss!" I replied.

"Repeat what I just said." She ordered,

"Yes miss!" I said, and saluted, " Simon Hale, are you listening, miss!" Everyone burst out with laughter,

"Just sit down, and listen next time, Simon,"

"Yes, ma'am." I joked. I smiled evilly, and slumped back into my seat. I yawned loudly, and stretched,

"Is this lesson boring you, Simon?" The teacher said. She held up a hand when I was about to answer, "Rhetorical question, Hale." She said,

"Yes, Reed." I replied. Suddenly, a bell started ringing, signalling the end of the lesson. I sighed with releif, and packed my stuff, and left for lunch. I walked down the halls to my locker, and unlocked it to find that it was a mess. Again. I rolled my eyes, and stuffed my Geography book and folder in it. I turned around, and saw her again. She was beautiful; pale ivory skin, chocolate brown eyes, and a beautiful smile, that instantly filled you with happiness. She was surrounded by a group of her friends, laughing and talking. She caught my eye for a moment, and saw me staring, and flushed red. I quickly stalked away, hoping that my embarrasment wouldn't show.

The End

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