That GirlMature

This girl that gets on this other girls nerves. Flora the annoying girl that gets on the other girls nerves is being a very mean girl, and the other girl gets revenge.

She thought she was right. Fuck. She thought she was right.

Well, she wasn't.

She thought just because she knew this one little detail in our life, that she thought she would be forever right.

She used to be shy, and scared, even a little quiet, and now she just walked around with her little pig nose in the air like she was flawless. She thought she owned us. She pointed her fingers down on us, like she was superior.

Well, she was wrong. Just because she knows, and no one will talk about it, does not mean she's superior.

This pisses me off. Who did she think she was? Well, I guess she thought she was better, but it was getting out of hand. The way she looked down at us, it made me want to slap that smirk off her dirty little bitchy face.

Well, I was going to stop it. I was going to get right in her face and tell her to fuck right off. I couldn't handle it anymore, I wanted to scream.

Whenever she talked I wanted to stab my ears with pencils, and wanted to bang my head against a brick wall, and wanted to jump off a high building yelling "Fuck you Stella! Fuck you!" But you know, I never did. I just sat and listened to her disturbing, and irrtating little voice. Her voice was just full of lies, and I hated it.

Man, oh day, that one day,.. I couldn't handle it. I, just...couldn't, she went too far that day. She needed to be stopped; or someone needed to stop her.

Well, I decided to stop her, and so I did.

I mean maybe I went a little far, like she had, but you know, that little girl deserved it. Some people wouldn't agree, but what did they know? They didn't know the truth, Who could of told them? Well, I mean she could of, but she wouldn't, because that's how she had us. She knew we couldn't say anything, if she didn't say anything.

She knew, and wouldn't let us forget.

I wanted to forget, and eventually I did. Until... well until, she came back.

The End

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