Plot Stomping

Now that I thought back I guessed I was a little harsh on him, but he still deserved it. While I was reminiscing, my sister had walked two more steps and then turned to face me. Her eyebrows were furrowed together and pushed down, almost touching her nose. She had her hands on her hips and was tapping her right foot.

"Is that what you did in Mexico?" she sassed.

"No, but that's not the point. Oh forget it. We could never agree on that old geezer anyways," I sighed, clutching hard on the flag from earlier.

I kept walking, but then turned at the corner towards my hotel. I could hear my sister calling me to stop, but I didn't care. Then I whistled as loudly as I could and got into the cab that pulled up. I told him my hotel's address and it zoomed off my sister in tow. But then as I looked back I saw her stop, defeated. She screamed something inaudible and stormed off.

As I was riding in the cab, I thought about what we had discussed and decided it was time to face the old guy for the last time. I told the cabbie to change direction to the cemetery. When we stopped, I told the cabbie to wait and that I wouldn't be long. I quickly found the old guy's plot and started stomping on it.

"This is your fault I can no longer relate to my own sister! Why me? Why do I have to be the bad guy?" I screeched.

Then I sat down on the hard, orange leaf covered ground and breathed heavily. I put my head in my hands and sat in silence for a while, attempting to drown out the sounds of the city. I could hear honking horns from cars, shouting from people in apartments to their ex-lovers, and the noise from traffic jams.

"I know I'm the only male heir and my sister is a bit of a ditz, but what about what I want? It's your own fault you killed your liver and croaked," I grumbled, but then I said, "Well, I guess I'm stuck either way. Knowing you, you probably willed your company to me to make me own and run it anyway."

Then I got up and stared at the plot stone. It read:

Charles Dawn


Loving husband, father, and son

Served this country in WWII for four years

"Well, dad, I guess I can see why you wanted to give the business to me. I give up! You win!" I stomped on the plot one more time.

"You're probably smiling down from wherever you are and gloating, but I don't care because you know what? I'm going to make this company better than you could ever make it!" I shouted to the sky.


The End

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