Graduation Day

I remembered that conversation on graduation day like it was the day before. It was during the after party at our house and I was telling my friends that I'd be going to college on baseball scholarship to play professional. Then that old man in his stupid pressed, black Armani suit, walked over to me and ruined my mood. He looked like his usual hardnosed self with his hair slicked back like this was the movieGreaseor something.

"But you got accepted into a business program at a college. The letter came in two days ago. Here it is," he said, and then handed me the letter.

I took it and then read it over several times. I was gripping it hard and when I was done I crumpled it up into a ball and threw it away. The old man hurried to find it and tried to explain that a business program would be good preparation for taking over the company. That's when I made a scene and yelled at him and told him I was leaving.


The End

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