That Flag

This is about a guy returning to go to his father's funeral, but he hasn't even been in america in several years and eveyone in his family seems to dislike him.

When my sister called me five years ago one Monday morning, I had been expecting another monochrome conversation (she had been the only one to converse with me in those days). I wasn't expecting her to tell me the old man had died. I took an early flight out of Ciudad Juárez and landed in New York City hours later. When I got to the hotel, I was dead tired. The next day when I had dressed in the suit I had worn to several other funerals in Ciudad Juárez, l looked myself over in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot and had aged twenty years with wrinkles under them. They had lost their passion after the first funeral and had glazed over. I sighed, deciding it was time to face my family for the first time in seven years. I walked out of the hotel and tried to hail a cab with no success. I didn't remember it being that hard to get a cab when I had lived in the city.

Then I saw, or rather heard, a woman running down the street behind me. I turned around to see my sister herself in all black, including her expensive black heels and black purse. I would never be able to understand how my sister could spend money on shoes and purses.

'Women,' I thought, rolling my eyes.

She finally made it to me and wasn't even gasping for breath.

"Hello, brother. It's good to see you. Let me hail us a cab," my sister said, and then she whistled loudly.

A cab suddenly came to an abrupt stop next to me. Its tires squealed at the abrupt stop and stung my ears like pin needles. I gave her a shocked look.

"You could always hail a cab better than me, sis," I stated flatly.

I wasn't totally sure if I had lied or not. The past seven years had been annoyingly long for me. I couldn't even remember what the old man had looked like anymore. My last words to him were harsh. I didn't regret them though. The old goat was planning out my whole life before it even started.

"Yeah, well, you never did care for this city. Let's go before the cab leaves without us," my sister replied. I guess that wasn't a lie after all.


The End

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