It all happened so quickly that day, that Monday in October...

The noise of metal being crushed, the smell of burnt rubber idly hanging in the air, mixing with the sweet smell of petrol.  Turmoil was everywhere.

His vision was blurred, his head pounded with pain and he could taste the metallic blood on his lips.  Breathing was difficult, with every breathe he took, sharp pains travelled across his body to his lungs.  It hurt, the pain was enough to make him whimper.

Steam rose out of the engine of the car and covered the scene in front of him.  The front of the car was crumpled - the metal twisted and bent like origami paper and the bonnet laying several feet from the car.

He turned his head slowly to see his mother; shock, fear, sadness, anger, pain, remorse - they all flooded his mind.  She looked peaceful with her eyes closed, blood trickled down the side of her head and a black bruise travelled across her neck partly covered by her golden long hair.  He tentatively reached out to her with his hand and gently shook her shoulder; hope overwhelmed him, would she wake up?  Would she stir from her sleep?


Tears welled up at the corner of his eyes - he shouted and screamed, he hit the dashboard with his hands to the point that his knuckles bled.  People were rushing over to him and trying to get the door open, trying to get him free from the car.  High pitch sirens filled the air, flashing lights of blue pulsed through the sky and medics surrounded him like he was a celebrity.

Anger vanished and he felt empty - an empty shell with nothing inside.  A glazed look masked his face, all the while still staring at her in the car.  The medics placed her on a stretcher with delicacy and took her away.

He reached out a hand to her as she was carried off, but missed - his eyes were still following her as the ambulance drove off, escaping the turmoil of the car crash.

The End

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