A cloudy sky.

As he looked out of the window, the sky was grey in colour and cloudy.  It was a miserable day - perfect for a typical Monday in October.

He continued looking out of the window as buildings and people passed by, the car was humming in the background and his mother was talking - though he decided to ignore her and left her voice as background noise in his head, letting the music pulse through his headphones.

The buildings began to space out until they all at once disappeared to revel the countryside, hills of grass and fields stretched as far as he could see, with the ever looming cloudy sky hanging above them.

Other cars passed them by on the motorway, everyone else were heading in the same direction as them; all heading off to work, continuing on with their lives.  And still, he continued looking out of the window, looking at the cloudy sky.

His mother was still talking to him, but he continued to block her voice out - he wasn't in the mood for idle chit-chat, he just wanted to get to school.  He felt a prod on his shoulder, but he ignored it; until he felt another prod, and another and another.  

He turned his head to his mother and glared at her to stop, but she didn't.  He took out his earphones, the music still playing in the background, and words escaped his mouth in an angry tone, words that were sharp to the ear and could cut through the toughest skin, words that should never have been said to a parent; to a mother.

That was when she took her eyes off the road to look at him; that was when the car next to theirs collided into them; that was when the cloudy sky began to rain.

The End

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