Story of a young teenage girl at her sweet sixteen birthday party -- only things aren't so sweet.

I glared at my former best friend.  "Why did you come here?"

Dahlia waved a hand at me as if I had asked something that was utterly ridiculous.  "Why, Adelaide, we were invited of course.  Anyone who is anyone know that it's impolite to refuse a party invitation."  She flung her hair over her shoulder and rolled her eyes.

For a split second, I felt insignificant in her presence, as if I were a cowering, sniveling child who had been scolded for stealing a cookie.  But, I couldn't allow her the upper hand.

"I haven't seen your mother here.  What does that say about her?"  I lifted my chin in defiance, feeling I had bested her.

"Mother chose to stay home, given the fact that she is not of your, umm, ilk."  Dahlia reached for the pearls around her neck, twisting, just as she always had in the past.


"Yes, it means..."

"I know what it means, Dahlia."  I replied, even though I didn't.  "Why don't you just go on home?  This is my sixteenth birthday party and I want to have fun.  I don't want your classy, proper, finishing school manners here at all. "  I turned on my sneakered heel back toward the living room.

"You have no class at all, you poverty-stricken, pregnant high school drop out!"  She screamed at my back.

How did she know?  She'd been gone for over a year.  How did she know I was pregnant?  I wasn't showing yet.  I hadn't even told my parents.  I hadn't dropped out of school ... yet.

I quickly walked the steps back toward her.  "Who told you that?  Who have you been talking to?"  My tone was firm, but hushed.

"Thad," she said simply.  "We went out last night.  He brought me flowers and candy and told me how beautiful I am.  He's finally seen the light."

Should I warn her about him or should I let her see for herself that he was trouble?

The End

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