That Boy

It is about a girl who falls in love.

The way he looked at me that day. I was regretting the death of my father. Fraser was the one with the most sympathy. He was strange, as I had not known him long. This was because I had only just moved from London, the big city. It was a strange place here in Huddersfield. There weren’t enough people, just country side. Really, the cows needed to keep their smells to themselves. They smell worse than my little sister Aimee, who is 2 next April. Poor thing has to survive with me and my mother, as dad used to be her favourite, only because she is so young we told her he would be back soon. So she now thinks he is on a business trip. How sweet, but not when she bites you. I miss my dad. He used to take us out every where but can't now.

The End

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