That Boy ...Mature

Danny is the perfect guy, and he loves Rosie very much. Their love is very powerful, but is it powerful enough to overcome Rosie's dad's orders? Danny is not the best guy to have as a boyfriend in Rosie's dads point of view, and he won't stop until he has them both hating each other.

I looked into is dark blue eyes, every touch robbed me of my breath, every caress burned my body. I love Danny very much, I love him more than words can say, but in my father's opinion its a whole different story. Today is the 4th of August - Danny's 15th birthday. Im going to give him his birtday present, yes. Im going to have sex with him. I've snuck out the house and I'm now at Danny's house, his parents are out all weekend so we've got the house to outselves. I felt him run his hand over my cheeks, his fingertips gently brushed down my neck. His hands stopped moving and he lightly put his fingers in my bra, i relaxed as he then undid my bra, i felt the straps slide down my shoulders and i adjusted my arms so i could take off my bra. I pulled his T.shirt off him and i wrapped my arms around his bare chest. We began to kiss, out lips parting, our tounges touching and then all of a suden it was like we'd caught on fire, i felt him slide into me, our bodies joining, it was like reaching heaven for the very first time. I groaned and I couldn't quite grasp what was going on, I was lost in a whole new world of nothing but me and Danny. It was wonderful, he slowly moved out and then back in again, it was a pleasurable torture.... and i was enjoying every second of it.

The End

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