** Note the use of the word 'that'

A Story About That 


It all started with a calculator, the orange light filled the room. That was the only thing in sight. Unknowingly his voice penetrated through her, deep in her, and touched her heart, softly. But, no she couldn’t, the feeling just never made sense to her. It was a maze and every course of understanding was blocked, blocked by denial and demur.

 Soon, he came back. This time he approached her, she turned away instinctively. What she saw wasn’t him anymore, it was that image of desire which was strangely unimaginable. Why… Even she didn't know at the time. It was something she intended to suppress deep in her, under all the other men that came and went, but… that was still around, poking at her heart with each glimpse. What ever it was, just never seemed to go. funnily enough she wouldn't even give it thought, it seemed too far and out of reach, but that didn’t change the inevitable. It was suppose to happen and it would.  

She was gone, devoured by the heart and emotions of another man. It seemed to be everything to her… but it just never worked, no matter how much she tried. there was always something missing… she thought she could fill in that space her self. But that was the problem . A year of trying passed her by… finally it was over.. over for good..

And then, That came back again, this time straight up to her. Once again… the denial was natural. Others came but that persisted… Soon enough, came a point of acceptance. When she saw him, she wanted to stop to converse with him, over absolutely anything. That’s what made her realize that this was a mutual bond they had shared, for a long time. But still, it seemed way out of the question for her... Why though? that question was never answered.



 Until, one day, the orange light was dimmed,  that was not in sight… unknowingly, in the darkness his touch penetrated through her, deep in her, and touched her heart, softly. it was happening, the feeling started to make complete sense to her. It was a clear path of happiness and passion wielded together to expose the much awaited, red ribbon…



The End

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