Facebook PromMature

"Hey, Linds!"


"Come here? I got something you'll smile about!"

"Coming!" I put down my new hair clip I'm messing with and run to my mom's room. "What's up?"

"Well, the Mrs. Ario wastalking to me about dresses, she needs a communion dress for Carla, so I sent her that picture you used for your little facebook pretend prom thing."


"Well, Anthony replied."

Why does my heart race? I haven't seen Anthony in forever.  Even then..........no. I stop there.  Not happening.

"What'd he say?"

"Oh, just that you're completely and totally beautiful..."

"Are you kidding me?" I grab her phone and read the text for myself.

"Um...that's really sweet of him." I try to appear indifferent and casual as possible.

"Yes, it is? Oh and he sent me a picture of himself now, since we haven't seen him in so long." I scroll up and down, looking for this picture.  I find it, and my heart skips a beat.  How is it possible that he could have grown more handsome than ever before?

"He's definitely grown up a bit, hasn't he?"


~~~About a month later~~~

Hey Linds

What? Anthony just messaged me out of nowhere.  I haven't talked to him in forever.

Hey Anthony. What's up?

Not much. You?

Eh. Same. How've you been?

Pretty good, hbu?

I'm okay. How's Texas?

Hot. Why just okay?

Well, I'm bored most of the time, and...yeah.

I got it.

We keep on at the banter for months, flirting sometimes, often open for everyone to see on each other's wall.

Lindsay Villa:  Why do I read so many fantasy books?

     Anthony Ario:  Because you are a fantasy(;

    Lindsay Villa: *Le blush*

~~~~~~One year later~~~~~~

Anthony's all over facebook.  Always posting.  I mean, granted, it hurts a little, who knows why, when he posts about some girl who I've never even met before, but every once in while, he posts something like he does today, a rate date and admit, and I like it, so he can just post on my wall that he rates me higher than the moon and that long-distance relationships don't usually work, and that he really wants to come back home to see me.  I reply back, Get your sorry self back to Michigan, then!


The flirting doesn't mean much until he flat out tells me that his sister and I are the most beautiful girls he knows.  It usually wouldn't mean much, but I feel like since I just started going out with another guy, no matter how indifferent I feel about it, we should probably stop with the public flirting.  Granted, I know I have some guy friends that I'm sort of into (one I would like even more if he didn't have a girlfriend) and then a guy I've been totally mooning over since the beginning of the year.  But even when I hug them, because they're my friends, it's just different than openly expressing....how......attractive we find one another.  I reply saying that he's probably the sweetest guy I've ever met, and I know I'll get hell from it later, first from my boyfriend, then my friends, then my family.  But it's so worth it to have that hourlong conversation with Anthony that I can basically forget about all the rest. 

A couple days later, I've already broken up with him.  Half my friends hated him, half my friends treated our relationship like we were in preschool.  Doesn't really matter, I only went out with him in the first place because he was my friend and I can't stand the awkwardness of rejecting people.

Then he likes my new relationship status.  Anthony didn't like the one where it said I was dating Tom!  But oh, no, when it says that I'm single he likes it and send me another message.  



What's up?

Nothing much. You already liked my new relationship  status, you know "what's up"?

Did he hurt you

No, bro, I broke up with him...just really didn't feel anything.



Yeah. Good.

We stop talking there.....can he know how that made me smile?

**I think I'm going to abandon this story, kind of lost inspiration for it, but I'm working a new story. I'm going to get a few chapters into it before I post it, but look for it!**


The End

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