Thank You, TexasMature

Lindsay is about to have the ride of her life........and it takes all her life.



"Mija!" I hear Mrs. Ario call for me.

"Yeah?" I ask looking up from what Carla and I are doing.

"Can you help your mama wih the tortilla press? She's still not getting it, and I need to take care of the chicken!" She continued shouting for me from the kitchen.

"Sure, just a second!" I call back as I get up with an apologetic look to Carla and walk to the kichen.  Mrs. Ario's mumbling Spanish that must be swear words, because I've only ever heard them when my dad's family was mad.  I look over to my mom, who is struggling with a small metal contraption.  I understood how to use the tortilla press immediately after Mrs. Ario showed me.  It's an easy enough contraption, you just put the dough in, press, and wiggle it around a bit.  The hard(er) part is putting enough, but not too much, poweder (flour or ground corn) down to keep it from sticking.  On my way to my mom, Anthony comes in.

"Hey, Anthony." I smile at him like always.

"Hey Linds." He smiles back. I don't know why I'm blushing.  I've known Anthony since I was four, there's no reason, now that I'm eleven, to change, right? I mean, yeah, he's cue, but I've spent almost every day all summer athis house. If something was gong to happen, it would havealready happened.  But he looks at me so intensly, his eyes just make me want to turn away and bluse.  I go and help mom, calming her from screaming in exasperation, all the while a small smile on my face.

A year and a half later

"Lindsay! Come here!" My mom alls to me from downstairs.

"Mom! I'm busy! What do you need?"

"I've got something I think you want to see!"

"I doubt it! What's it about?"

"It's the Arios!"

I freeze. Immediateely assuming the worst, I run downstairs expecting a funeral date.

"They moved."

"Are. You. Serious?!?! I was freaking out, I thought one of them were dead!" I sat down and put my head between my knees.  Deep breaths.

"Where'd they move? Quincy? Bronson?" I ask uninterestedly.



The End

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