I could feel my hand hanging limply by my side, with a cold metal cylinder inside it. It was my torch. I got up slowly, noticing that the sickly darkness was gone and the door to the room was open. I found myself able to get up. I looked at my hands. They had shards of glass splintering in them but I easily picked them out. I stood up and brushed dust and glass off me.

I looked and noticed that I was standing in front of a square hole in the wall. There was a frame around the hole with shards of glass in it and on the other side of the wall I saw a room exactly like the one I was in. It wasn’t a mirror I had seen- it was glass. I shivered.

I felt numb, but I felt healthy. I remembered the thudding pain in my heart and I remembered rolling on the ground gasping for air. I remembered feeling like I had died but then just waking up. After looking around the second room, I bolted out through the duplicate door and up through the second hatch. As I opened it, a tidal wave of dead flora cascaded around me. I climbed up and looked to the top of the valley where people drove along the road during their day to day business.

As I walked along, I thought. The memory of my reflection from the glass staring at me gave me the willies. I was so sure that it was a mirror, but maybe it was the darkness fooling me. I remember me feeling like the placement of my reflection was wrong, being there. Staring… Just staring…

I remembered the voice from the other side of the door.

Thank you.


[To Be Continued]

The End

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