Sickly and Abnormal

I then stopped. This was the last place his instructions had led me. I looked at my feet and no word of a lie, it was there; a trap door obscured by hundreds of big yellow leaves.

I grasped the handle and hauled it up. Then I stared down in to the darkness.

I didn’t know what I was going to find- was this his home? Did he store food here? Jewellery? Things of sentimental value? I could see farther in to my own mind as it projected phantasms - I thought maybe there was something living down there. A family member? A pet?

I took the black, silver torch from my bag- I knew that I would be going underground but I hadn’t immediately thought that I would be staying here overnight. I placed the torch between my teeth and blindly climbed forth until my feet hit the ground. It wasn’t as far as I thought before I thudded against the concrete floor. I began to think that this darkness wasn’t real darkness but rather something sickly and abnormal. It must have been my mind playing tricks.

I grabbed the torch and looked around to what I had gotten myself in to. The walls downwards were made of mouldy grey concrete, except for what was directly in front of me; an ancient wooden door. It looked like it had been there from the times the early settlers arrived. I didn’t hesitate much; I grabbed the iron clasp and pushed it inwards.

That was when I hesitated.

I heard a creaking; a noise so shocking, so ancient and menacing, like something out of a movie. Then a gust of wind seemed to come down the hatch and burst in to the empty, blackness in front of me as if I had just opened a vacuumed space.

The End

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