Trees, trees and more trees

Ten minutes later I heard the sound of a creek running nearby and I definitely knew that it wouldn’t be far until I reached my destination. I made to it as the cold started to get harder- sticking to my nose but leaving the rest of my sweat-soaked torso alone. The creek was small but the water babbled over rich brown stones and beneath dead, rotting trees. I felt like I had gotten to the bottom of the valley now. When I looked up there were trees, trees and more trees and when I looked back I saw the same, apart from the road I had come from thinly lining the hillside. The weaving over and around stones, shrubs and trees did me no good but only took precious time and I truly believed that it would be night time by the time I got back to the road.

Then thunder roared nearby. I sunk low, even though I secretly felt that it would be fine. I pulled out one of the sandwiches that I had packed for myself and ate it as I walked. Across the creek I went, almost slipping as I knew I would. Then I kept walking in to the forest.

I was wondering what the place looked like. The old man had known so much but lacked the capacity for the English language. I couldn’t quite believe I was listening to him, though I had been hanging on every word. I didn’t care that he was a prisoner and I was a lawyer, I didn’t care that he was a man and I was a man. I cared that he was hurting with a sort of pain that was not rightfully his own and I couldn’t believe that he was a criminal. He told me his life story and it was so much like mine…

The End

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