Thank you, For everything

this is for those friends, who have been with me every step of the road and never left my side even through the darkest of times

Thank you.

for all the teas and early morning walks

for making me smile when everything was wrong

for the 2:00 in the morning gossip and talks

for the worst singing duets in history

for the inside jokes

 for all the stupid things that should have landed us in a mental institute

for all the whispered secrets we've shared

for the humble and wise advice

For the bonfires

and the marshmallows

for the loyal service of your heart

For the cloud watching

for the photos I get to put up on my wall

for the stories i'll tell my children

For being at my door when I needed you most

For anything and everything you’ve added to my life

You’re always going to be the friends

Who made me who I am today

Thank you.

The End

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