Their feet carried them into the hallway; the boy froze, his feet refusing to move, then he began to take deep breaths, steeling himself for the action he knew he was about to undertake, his fear even more visible than it had been already, his whole body was shaking.

“We have to go upstairs” the child whimpered, a look of dread crossing his eyes momentarily, only to be replaced by a look of determination.



He began to walk up the step, each time he dropped his foot It was punctuated with a dull thud, totally contrasting to the heart pounding furiously out of his chest. Eventually he reached the top of the stairs. Realising what he was about to do as he moved his hand towards the door, Craig gasped.

“Wait!”, but the boy ignored him and pushed, revealing the mess behind the door.



But the bodies were gone. The room was still a mess, but the blood, sick and everything disgusting was gone.

“Oh no” Craig gasped breathlessly, now there was no proof, nothing, just their word.  But it didn’t matter anyway because after about 15 seconds…

“So this is the boy!” came the cold, evil voice.


Craig could taste his own fear, his heart had fallen into his stomach.  They were trapped.



“Well, well, well,” the voice rasped again, a triumphant smile across the lips where the noise had come from.



Tears began to stream down the boys face. Craig comforted him, told him they were going to fine.  Did anything to keep him happy, despite knowing what he was about to have done to him.



Wouldn’t you be scared if you saw your parents dead and met the man who killed them? What happened next was unexpected by everyone.  What happened next was unexpected by everyone.  The little boy span picking something up and throwing it, it hit the cold, grey eyes, Craig seized his chance.  He tackled the guy, knocking him to the floor.



They both ran down the stairs, in his haste to chase them, the guy didn’t look where he was going, didn’t see what the little boy had left at the top of the stairs, didn’t do anything ever again after flying down those stairs, breaking his evil neck.


I don’t normally condone violence but I think you’ll agree, he deserved to die.



And I’m sure just like Craig; you’ll all admire the strength of the boy to lose his parents but still do whatever he could to get rid of the monster that did it


And last but not least, Craig got his wish, it was all over, no more sleepless nights punctuated by those small, green, no longer fear-filled eyes.




The End

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