Back Again

He went over to the kid.

“Are you ok?”  The boy nodded in acknowledgement.

“Do you know the person who did it?” Craig asked.

“Yes, he’s a guy who works with my daddy, but I don’t know his name, my Dad just called him mate and buddy,” Tears began to stream down the little boys face as he thought about his father (His late father).

“Ok, your going to the house, again, don’t worry they wont be there, and try to find a picture of him, and then we are going to the police.”  The boy nodded, almost against his will, then looked at his feet, growling, angry that he had agreed. But it was obvious that the boy wanted to do the right thing, he wanted to be safe.  So they set off.  Going back, back to the place they never wanted to see again.


Half an hour later, they were at the end of the street, the door within viewing distance, still lying open.  They began to walk forward, both with looks of fear written across their cold faces.

The End

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