I think im gonna be sick

As he reached the stop of the stairs, he seen the blood trail leading through a door, and again his curiosity drew him towards his fear – why couldn’t he mind his own business.


He pushed open the door (the handle was covered in congealed blood.) And looked into the darkness it revealed, pressing the light switch, he braced himself. 


As he looked around the room he tried to hold in his horror, but failed, spewing all the contents of his stomach over the floor.  Now his throat was burning, heart was pounding, and he was standing in a room which was covered in blood, somebody had died in this room and now Craig was totally scared, what if he was next?  He ran out of the room, down the stairs and outside, being sick again, then he ran away, he had to get as far away as he could.  He just ran, not caring where.  Then he saw him.  Standing at the corner of a street, his small eyes filled with unmistakable fear, now Craig knew how the poor kid felt.

The End

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