One way or another

Another few weeks passed, totally uneventful. Then almost a month after he had went to that hell hole, he began to have nightmares again.  Those scared green eyes were waking him up again, but this time were accompanied by a scared voice


“Help me, they’re gonna get me, please, please”.  The voice echoed getting fainter but still imprinted in his mind as he awoke from his slumber. “Not again”, he thought.  It persisted for another few weeks not leaving.  He tried, oh my god how he tried, but it was like when you hear a song and can’t stop thinking of the name.  He just couldn’t ignore it and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Then he decided, the only way to end it was locked somewhere behind those small, green eyes.  And he was going to get to the bottom of this mess one way or another.


The End

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