Thank Goodness!

An totally unusual day

      Craig walked along the cold street, his footsteps echoing in the cold, morning air. He was on his normal morning walk, unaware that it was going to be anything but normal. He followed his normal route along to the end of the street, turned left, then along to the end of the next street, then into the local park for a while.


      All in all, a normal morning, then as he was strolling around the duck pond, something totally unusual happened.


      A little boy with fair hair was lying on a bench, tears streaming down his face from his round, green eyes.

“Hey kid, what’s wrong?” Craig questioned, trying to look for the boys parents, no-one was in sight. The boy just kept bawling his eyes out.

“Are you ok?” he said again, a little louder this time. The boy looked up, tears still streaming down his pale face, which was going red in the cold, morning air.

“I…I’m scared, really scared” he whispered, barely audible, a look of total fear on his face.

“Why? What happened?” Craig asked. The boy looked up, as though wondering whether he should say or not, then.

“Yesterday, I…I came home from school and the door was lying open, so I went in and they were all lying there, lying on the floor, they were covered in, in…” and then he began to cry again, unable to finish his sentence, his mind clearly disturbed by whatever he had witnessed, something which Craig could only imagine.

“I’ll take you to the police, but you need to take me to your house first, I’ll help you, I promise.

“No, don’t make me go, please?” the boy pleaded.

“I swear you’ll be safe, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” And they began to head out of the park, the boy walking a few steps ahead of Craig.


       They came to the house, in the middle of a long, busy street filled with large buildings which dominated both sides, trapping all within, or so it seemed.


      The door was still ajar, just as the boy had described, Craig moved towards the steps.


      Three steps, then he pushed the door open fully, he moved into the darkened hallway, worried about what he was going to find.

“Bang!” something had fallen in the next room; they were not the only people in the house. The little boy stood, pointing at one of the doors, the look of fear still apparent on his small, round face.


      Craig pushed open the door. The room was empty.

“Hey, hey kid! There’s nothing in here, are you telling me the truth?” Craig interrogated.

“Yeah, I… I swear, they were right there.” He pointed to a spot on the wooden floor.

“Bang!” echoed around the house again, Craig jumped, his mind filling with terror. The boy had also jumped and was now clinging to Craig, shaking with fear.


      Craig moved towards the sound, despite every part of his body telling him not to.


      He pushed the door open, making his way into the hallway again. There was a room with the door open, it hadn’t been when they had come in, someone was definitely in the house. But who?


Craig’s curiosity continued to draw him towards it, and we all know what that did to the cat.


      Craig peered through the open door; a man was standing facing the opposite wall, his tall dark figure looking at something outside the window. As Craig pushed open the door, the figure spun, throwing something at Craig and knocking him out.


      When Craig recovered he was tied to a chair, his hands behind his back. A tall figure walked over and stood in front of him, it wasn’t the one who had hit him.

“Why are you in this house?” he growled.

“I was helping a little boy find his way home”

“Boy? What boy?” he mumbled, looking puzzled.

“He was right behind me.”

Then the man walked out searching for the boy. Nothing.

“You liar!” he shouted re-entering the room.

“No, no I swear”


   The man pulled out a gun. He aimed it, a look of hate in his cold, blue eyes. He pulled the trigger.




      Craig woke up, he was in his warm bed, it was all a nightmare. He stood up.

“Thank goodness” he said to himself and kept repeating “only a dream”.


Then outside the window he saw a pair of small, green, fear-filled eyes.

“Maybe it was real.”

The End

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