We run into the stone forest

"Thad your up, good." Eliseus says. I look up and see she's wearing full battle armor.  " I went back into the ruble to look for any survivors. Looks like we were the only ones to get out."

"Thats exactly what I want to hear." I tell her.

"Its not your fault." she replies, with tears in her eyes .

"Where does that magic map tell us to go?" I ask her

"North, but first I got you battle armor too." she replies, while she holds it to me. I grab it and take off my sweatshirt. I put on the armor.

"Lets head north." I tell her. We start walking, but about half an hour into the walk we run into a woods.

"Thats not on the map." Eliseus says

"What?" I reply.

"The woods, its not on this map. We'll have to go through it." Eliseus tells me

"Lets get moving." I tell her as I enter the woods. We walk and walk. "Does this ever end?" I think . stisssssss

"What was that?" Eliseus asks me , but something tells me to get down. I push Eliseus down and roll to the left.

"Medeusa." I think. "Eliseus its medeusa!" I yell as I shut my eyes. BOOM, I get hit in the chest by a slimy rope, maybe. BAM, I hit a log thats on the ground. I look quick, only to see a tree falling where I am. I get up and start running. BAM, the tree hit the ground.

" Thadeus!" I hear Eliseus scream.

"Wait." I think " Im not dead." I look at my feet. I see the ground " Skills." I think 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I hear Eliseus scream. I take out my sword, and cut out a hole. I see Eliseus with medeusa on her. 

"Eliseus." I think, hoping I can speak in her mind. " Im gonna throw my sword duck when I say now."

"Ok." I hear her say. I throw my sword.

"NOW!" I think, she ducks. The sword throw was perfect, chopped off her snake filled head. Sadly it worked to well and cut off the tree top and created a domino affect. Eliseus grabs my sword and runs toward me.

" What are we supposed to do?" she asks me.

"You see the cliff, over there. Were gonna have to jump it." I say, she turns around and starts running for it. I look over at medusas head. Is it regrowing? I ask myself

"Thadeus!" Eliseus yells, I turn around and start running. The trees falling right behind me. 

"Hooah." I grunt as I jump. I land on the other side with a thud.

The End

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