A shetland sheepdog saves my life

"What are we gonna do?" Eliseus ask me

"Ill tell you when I think of something." I tell her back, but the minotaurs keep advancing. Then they stop and fall, like they're dead. Then a dog appears.

"Ah that was a good workout." the dog says

"Who are u?" I ask 

"Not important, but who are u?" the dog shot back. 

"Im Eliseus and thats Thadeus." Eliseus tells the dog. Really Eliseus I think, well she talked in my mind back at the armory maybe I can talk in hers "Don't even think about it I hear Eliseus voice in my head

"What kind of breed are you?" I ask him

"Shetland Sheepdog, oh yes and you'll need this map." the dog tells me. " but I only entrust this map to madam Eliseus not this silly wast of skin boy." He starts but overwhelmed me lightning shoots out of me and from the sky. "Silly boy!" WHACK and everything went blurry "Don't worry madam Eliseus he'll be just knocked out." and at those words everything went black and I felt as if I were falling.

The End

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