The Ceiling Comes Crashing Down

" Thadeus......Thadeus!" I hear Eliseus scream. I get up, my vision regains a little bit but everything is a blur. I see a head coming I try it move but the Hydra was too quick. I nail the wall of shields. I hit the floor as most of the shields come crashing down and hit me. I hear Eliseues somehow get away. I look up, I see Eliseus throw a spear at the middle of the 10 Hydras heads. The heads split in two sides of 5 and dodge the attack. I grab my sword and started to charge the Hydra. One of the heads nailed me in the chest. I throw my sword over to the right, I hit the wall. I look over to my right, I see my last chance. A spear, o great I thought. I never handled a spear in my life, but i had to try it otherwise Eliseus and I would be dead. Eliseus found a bow and a few arrows. She looked at me, she didn't say anything but yet I heard her.

"Thad, I'll keep him distracted you kill him." I heard her say.

"Ok" I thought back. She shot and hit the beast multiple times. I come around from behind. I threw the spear and hoped that I was accurate. I was and it went right through the middle of its body, the bad thing was that it shot fire at the ceiling. I landed grabbed my sword and started to run with Eliseus right behind me. We were about half-way to a exit, then I saw something. We were falling behind, great I thought.

"Eliseus on my mark we're gonna have to jump." I yelled to her.

"Why, o I see now." she yelled back

"1.2.3, NOW!" I yelled to her. We jump, we somehow make it. We both land on our feet. We break into a hard run. There was a little hill, with another over-hang.

"Eliseus we gotta slide on this one." I yell to her

"Ok tell me when." She yells back.

"1.2.3.NOW!" I yell to her as I have my legs give out. We jump right back up and we start running again.

"There it is." I yell to her. The ceiling crashes down over there.

"Go left, go left!" I yell to her. We turn left. 

"There's one more over-hang." Eliseus yells

" Ok then we're gonna have to hustle!" I yell to her. After a few more steps we see the light of the exit, but then I look up

"There's the over-hang." I say to her. "1.2.3. Now!" We jump over it and jump out the door.

"We made it." Eliseus said as she hugs me.

"GRRRRR." We hear. We turn. We see about 30-35 minotaurs.

The End

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