A young warrior embarks on a epic quest to save the world

So there I was sitting in gladiator training while Mr. Hyd was going on about the story of Perseus. I was really starting to get bored of this class.

"Thadeus." Mr. Hyd called out. I looked up there was 5 people standing at the door. I heard a few people snickering. I then realized i was supposed to go with them. I look over to my right and there is my best friend and the prettiest girl in the whole gladiator school. Her name, Eliseus. See our nation does not have enough warriors so we have girls become gladiator. We are a free nation next to greece but still are pretty much apart of greece. Then i heard screaming i look back over to my left and there i saw a 5 headed dragon. I looked over to Mr. Hyd who was screaming the loudest. Just then a head came and bit him in half. I looked over to my right where Eliseus was standing but something told me to get down. I got down just as a dragon head comes right over my head and grabs Eliseus. She screams, I ran over to the wall of swords, I picked up my sword. I ran after the dragon, the middle head shot fire right in front of me. The floor crumbles in front of me. I jump stab my sword in to the ceiling, I swing my legs over the crack. I take my sword out of the ceiling and start running again. I follow the dragon I get close enough to swing my sword taking off one head then another and another until all the heads are chopped off.

" You okay?" I ask Eliseus.

"Yeah." she says back then we hear a hissing noise. we turn around.

"Hydra!" Yells Eliseus. We start to run again but a head grabs Eliseus. Damn that thing really likes her I thought. One of the heads slams me aside and they take off again, I start to ran after them. I ran as fast as I possibly can but the Hydra seemed to get faster. I kept running two Hydras head shot fire at my feet with fire I jump and I stab my sword into the ceiling and pull my sword out of the ceiling and jump as far as i can but wait the Hydra wasn't there. I see a shadow move in the armory I jump in there but i realized to late that it was a trap a head hits my ribs and my whole body its the wall hard and everything went black.

The End

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