th vampires festival( play)

Cast list (in order of appearance)

oreon (17 year old boy)

Sound effects guy

Mum (33 year old mum)

Teacher ( Is not Hitler or is he?)

Jane (17 year old girl)

Kylie (17 year old girl)

Boys (17 year old boys 3 of them)


Vlad The Dream Vampire (V.T.D.V)(17 but he’s been that way   for a while I mean a long while)

Drucilla  (17 year old vampire whose just been transformed.)


Scene 1- introduction.


oreon: (Looking sad sitting on the porch )We have a vampire problem in our town. ( Inhales deeply then exhales)  every year we have a sad festival of vampires. It’s almost time for it and to tell the truth I’m dreading it , we know they’re plotting against us, (inhales deeply then exhales) the vampires. We hope our festival will ward them off but I don’t see how fried chicken and church services  will succeed . We know they are on the move…

Sound effects: (Screams).

oreon: (Eyes swell up with tears) They move silently through the forests ,and are sliding across our lawns they leave bodies behind them soft and limp, sometimes after they kill they cry long and hard ,some times they even laugh…

Sound effects: (Screams).

oreon: (Starts to cry).

Mum: (Walks on stage)Carsile ,Carsile are you out there its getting dark Carsile ,are you out there.

oreon: ( Still crying runs up the stairs).


Scene 2- The talk.


oreon: (Runs upstairs ).

Mum: (Shouts after him slightly angry and sad) Carsile! (Mum runs up stairs and knocks on Carsiles door) Carsile( Says very tenderly).

oreon: (Still crying) Go away *sniffle*.

Mum:  (Says very tenderly) I know its upsetting that your father and my husband was taken by the vampires but we need to get on with our lives.

(3 second pause).

(Carsile opens the door mum hugs  him).



Scene 3- the classroom .


Teacher: (Looking serious) The sum of the exterior angles of any  polygon is (Points at Jane ) Jane !

Jane: (Looking scared and being quiet) erm, erm 7…

Teacher:   You are wrong (Points at Kylie) Kylie!

Kylie: (Says sweetly) 360 degrees sir.

Teacher:  You are (Voice softens) right ,well done Kylie.

oreon:* Ahh*  Kylie the  most perfect person I can think of she’s beautiful isn’t she the only person I’ve ever had feelings for she’s just so beautiful

(Kylie flicks her hair back  and all the boys in the class room lean in and breathe in).

Boys:  *Ahh*

oreon: But it seems that none of us are good enough for her its like she’s waiting for the right guy. It wont be me  I bet you all that it wont be me *sigh*.

Audience:  Yea.

oreon: Alright then.


Scene 4- Vlad the dream vampire.


Oreon: *Snor*.

V.t.d.v: Ahh another victim of the night I can hear his mum’s screams already ha!  Now I have secret my loyal subjects can you keep it.

Audience: Yea.

V.t.d.v : What I can’t hear you.

Audience: Yea.

V.t.d.v : Ahh good you see I like to look into peoples dreams ahh shall we look  in tonight’s dinners. Oh and by the way my name is Vlad, Vlad  the dream vampire.


Scene 5 – The wedding after party.


oreon: Ahh kylie you look as beautiful as ever .

Kylie :  Thank you Carsile you know you didn’t have to go to all this work.

oreon: Oh but it was to make you smile and when you smile it makes me smile.

Kylie:  I guess you’ll always be smiling then.

oreon: Eh?

Kylie: Silly when ever I’m with you ill be smiling so …

Carsile: We’ll always be smiling.

Drucilla:  Vladamire , Vladamire.


Scene-6 The other secret.

v.t.d.v: Shut up you idiot.

Drucilla: Well sorry I didn’t know where you were (looks at her feet) I was…

v.t.d.v: You were?…

Drucilla: Well that’s not the point.

Sound effects guy: Bring bring.

v.t.d.v: Ow well done I haven’t fed yet.

Drucilla: Sorry I was worried.

v.t.d.v: You were (Looks into her eyes).

Drucilla: (Realising what she said) No can we go now.

v.t.d.v: *Sigh*  fine


scene 6 – Last day of school


oreon: Where is everybody today not even the teachers are here (Bumps into kylie who drops her books) Oops sorry.

Kylie : No I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going (Both on knees picking up books hands touch and eyes meet both stand up).

oreon :  Here let me (Grabs books walk off stage together).

(Vlad and Drucilla enter).

v.t.d.v: Ahh my old school I used to go here you know.

Drucilla: I only just left I had a nice name, Jane that was my name such a beautiful name.

v.t.d.v:  I can call you that if you want.

Drucilla:   No you chose my name and I like it.   

(Drucilla walks off ).

v.t.d.v:  Girls am I right lads?

Audience : yea.

(Drucilla enters then pulls Vlad off with her).

Scene 7 –The truth.

oreon :  Erm kylie  I’ve got something to tell you.

(Kylie grabs carsiles hand and pulls him into the cupboard).

Kylie: (Puts finger on his lips) Shhhh its no secret that you like me .

oreon: Is it that obvious? (Raises one eyebrow).

Kylie: That’s not the point (Puts paper in his pocket then freeze while staring into each others eyes).

 Scene 8- Drucillas view on things.


Drucilla:(Sarcastically)Ah so romantic.

v.t.d.v: Ow don’t be like that she’s the one who wants him to be with her for ever.

Drucilla: So lucky I wish I had some one like that (look into each others eyes again).

v.t.d.v: Come on let us do what must we done .

Drucilla: Fine but don’t blame me if I kill her.

v.t.d.v:  I think I better do this (Bites kylie).


scene 9- On the run.

oreon: Noooo (Starts running ) No no noooo let me die no cant must run (Locks him shelf in the hall).

Sound effects guy: Bang (continuously but quietly)

oreon: (oreon pulls out the paper )  Eh what’s this. (Reads note out loud) I’m going to get cursed turned into a vampire its not right hiding from fate and besides I don’t want to be one of those they keep to breed .but they have loads of cool things like.(Door opens oreon doesn’t notice ) Transylvanian kissing which is where they bite each others tongues and suck out the blood.

(oreon looks up)

Kylie: If you choose to be a vampire to we could get married I love you so much oreon please.  (She holds out her hand with a ring in it.)(oreon walks forward and takes her hand )Dear my fiancé I love you (Sinks teeth into oreons neck).

Scene 10- Happily forever after.

oreon: This is my happily forever after with you and I love you.

Kylie: You no you didn’t have to do all this.

oreon: Oh but it was to make you smile and when you smile it makes me smile.

Kylie:  I guess you’ll always be smiling then.

oreon: Forever and forever and forever.

Kylie: Sounds perfect to me.

Oreon: And so this is where we stand in our small but blissful piece of forever.

(Drucilla and Vlad walk past holding hands). 


(Lights go off).

(Lights go on).

(All cast rakes a bow)

(Lights go off)

(Lights go back on ).

oreon:  Oh yea  didn’t I make a bet with you lot  (Throws sweets out into audience).

Kylie: Oh oreon (says in a sing song way Walks in with a dressing gown on sees audience) Oh! (Covers herself ) We have guests?(Looks disappointed).

oreon: No they were just leaving(says urgently).

(Light goes off).

The End

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