Back to School (II)

Fishing it out, I unlocked the screen only to be face-to-face to another of Damien’s nosy interrogative rounds. And he’d even gone through the trouble of setting up a group chat for it.

Damien: I demand answers here people!
Leo: We’re in class, Cross. You’re breaking the rules.
Damien: Oooh, I’m so scared now that the student body Prez is on my case. =P
Nick: Guys - I can’t afford to chat right now. I can’t keep up with Mrs. Hammond’s lesson.
Damien: You’re kidding, right? She speaks at the rate of one word per minute.
Leo: I can pass you my notes if you’d like.
Nick: Thanks, that would help Leo. (totally ignoring Damien)
Damien: I guess that means you’ll have to tell me May.

Will he ever give up?

Setting down my pen and propping up my textbook on the desk so Mrs. Hammond wouldn’t be able to see the funny business I was up to, I started contributing to the group chat (minus Nick who I noticed had slipped his phone into his bag and was scribbling away in his notebook).

Damien: I’m waiting here.
Me: Jeez, impatient much?
Damien: So what happened?
Me: Quit bothering me, I’m typing. Just wait a little, will you please?
Leo: Oh.
Leo: I know what this is about.
Leo: Talk later.
- Leo Harper has left the chat. -
Damien: What. Why am I always being left out? D=
Damien: ...still waiting here...
Me: Nick basically figured out I was feeling a bit low during the break since dad had to work and couldn’t spend much time with me after the night of Thanksgiving. So, without me even asking, he sent me a little cheer-up present on Monday morning. First, it was a bouquet of different flowers at 8 a.m. I didn’t know who it was from until an hour later, Amy showed up at my doorstep and said that Nick had sent her over. We had a girl’s day out, went shopping and all that jazz. She lifted my spirits up. And apparently, Nick cancelled some reserved trip to some expensive amusement park they’d had planned and sent Amy over for my sake, thinking it might be good for me to have some girlfriend company. Amy didn’t tell me how much it cost him, but she doesn’t need to. It really meant a lot to me that he was worried and did that.

“That’s it?”

My head snapped up at the sound of Damien’s deep whisper, not expecting him to have read the text that fast, or to have even turned around in his chair to talk to me about it. I peered up at him from behind the top corners of my textbook, having slouched a little in my seat, and nodded silently.

“That’s all Nick had to do to get a hug?” he frowned. “I’m disappointed. Makayla Summers’s hugs are worth more and you’re giving ‘em out too easy.”

“Too easy, huh? Even then, I don’t see you getting any,” I retorted, giving him a smug grin which he didn’t return.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Cross?”

“No ma’am!” Damien answered, not taking his eyes off of me before whipping around to face the front of the class again. Mrs. Hammond had an eyebrow raised, looking between me and Damien before deciding not to question us further and returning to the lesson. Looks like she was suffering from a case of post-Thanksgiving laziness as well. Any other day she would’ve bitten our heads off.

“You just wait,” Damien grumbled to himself. He didn’t know I could hear him but I could, and I had to stifle a laugh at his next words. “I’ll rock your world soon enough and you’ll be smothering me with your hugs. I swear it.”

Shaking my head to myself, I went back to focusing on the task at hand just as my phone vibrated in my hand again. Ducking my head, I checked the screen and the words on them made a warm smile itch at the corners of my lips.

Damien: But on a serious note - if you’re feeling lonely, you know you can text or call me anytime right? I’m always around.
Me: Yeah...I know. :-) Thanks Damien.

The End

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