The Reason

"Huh?" He hadn't been expecting that.

I smiled at him. "You said it wasn't your intention to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. What was?"

"Oh." Damien scratched the side of his face, looking a lot more embarrassed than before. "Well...uh, I just." I watched him with growing amusement as he scrambled for words, his face growing redder by the second.

When he didn't say anything, I pressed him further, "Damien?"

Damien threw his hands up in the air in resignation and stood up, the sudden movement pushing me back against my chair in surprise.

"Okay, I just - you remember how I said I have two apologies to make?”


“ have to realize that I don't think straight sometimes."

"I knew that from the moment I first met you."

"Oh ha-ha," he muttered, throwing me an unamused glare as he paced back and forth in front of me. I stifled a giggle and waited patiently for him to answer my question properly, hugging my knees tighter.

“Well. I’m just going to spit it out,” he declared, stopping his pacing and standing directly in front of me. He seemed to be weighing up the words in his head before he blurted out, “I wanted to apologize for acting like an idiot yesterday.”


“Yeah. Um...” he mumbled something to himself under his breath before clicking his fingers and going, “Oh! Yeah. My behavior was inexcusable and I fully regret how I lashed out on you yesterday. It’s just that our walks home together with Nick mean a lot to me and it upset me a little that you didn’t inform me about it beforehand, which is stupid because there is no need for you to do that anyways.” Damien let out a breath, shoulders slumping a little bit like the world’s weight had been lifted off of him.

I chewed on my lower lip, watching him before asking, “Did Nick tell you to say all that?”

He paled. “Is it...obvious?”

“You sounded like you were reading lines off some script. And I thought you were a good actor Damien.” I clicked my tongue in disappointment and shook my head at him teasingly. “But honestly, that’s why you came? To apologize about that?”

“Well...yeah.” Damien slipped his hands into his pockets, smiling like a five year old. “Weren’t you mad?”

“Oh Damien.” I rose up from my chair and walked toward him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You underestimate my powers. I have mastered the art of tolerating you by now.”

His eyes narrowed, clearly not taking my words as a compliment but before he could say anything about it, the sound of the back door closing shut and dad’s voice robbed him of the chance.

The End

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