All 'Forgiven'

His bluntness hurt a little, but it was the good kind of hurt. The kind of hurt that told me he understood where I was coming from and that a part of him knew just as much as I did that wistful wishes were only meant for fairy tales.

I nodded, not taking my eyes off of his, unable to speak.

His smile disappeared. "You opened up the door, hoping it would be her but instead...there I was."

The way he said that, like it was a bad was wrong on so many levels. I started shaking my head at him. "No Damien. It's more like..." I paused and said in a feathery voice, "there you were."

His lips twitched.

"Like, something out of a cheesy chick-flick when the girl's looking through a crowd and finally spots the guy and is like, 'le gasp, there he is'."

"Or the part when the stable boy shows up at the princess's castle and she's happy it's him and not the prince she's meant to marry," Damien added and winked.

I started to laugh, and soon, he joined in. Seconds ago, I'd been pouring out my sentimental flashbacks to him and now, we were both clutching our stomachs and doubling over in laughter like a couple of morons. I guess that's Damien for you.

When the laughter quieted down, I shot him a wide grin. "That was me in a round-about way trying to tell you that I'm not one bit mad at you that you're here. In fact, I'm the exact opposite."

He looked ecstatic to hear that, the light flooding back into his impish green eyes. Damien nodded, running a hand through his brown hair and didn't say anything to that. I still had one more question, though.

"So, why did you really come here then?"

The End

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