Speaking of the Past...Again

Had I stepped on a landmine here? Damien didn't like what he was hearing. Where shame had been written on his face, drops of envy had taken over. The possibility that Leo had kept our conversation at the party to himself made me slightly happy to know that he respected what little of my private life I had shared with him enough to keep it between us. That wasn't how Damien saw it though. If at all, he probably thought I favored Leo over him which wasn't the case.

"Well," I gulped, being careful with my choice of words, "there's not really much to add to what you and Nick know already. It's the typical divorce sob-fest."

"Uh-huh," he drawled, unconvinced.

I leaned back against my chair, bringing my knees up to my chest. I hadn't been planning to share the story to more than one person but yet, here I was again, doing just that and with the Dark Lord nonetheless. I grew more confident though, and it wasn't until I was halfway through the story did I realize I'd shared more with Damien than I had with Leo.

"After mom and dad's divorce, mom remarried immediately. I never really knew the specific details of what had brought on the divorce. To me, it was the biggest shock since I thought everything was fine in our family but," I shrugged, "it turned out that mom had been having an affair with some big-shot company executive behind dad's back."


"Yeah. It sucked big-time." I was handling this better than I had before. No tears - just numbness. At this point, I didn't know which was worse. "I didn't get along at all with the step-family I was introduced to. Mom ignored me, having fallen head over heels for not just her new husband, but the whole family package he brought along with him. I was forgotten, and the mom I used to know and love became someone I couldn't recognize anymore."

I expected some comedic remark from Damien like 'daaamn girl, that's deep'. I shot him a quick glance and noticed that he had turned his chair to face me, legs crossed underneath him with his elbows propped on his thighs so I had his full attention. With a final sigh, I concluded, "And that's pretty much all there is to it. I wanted to be with dad, and mom didn't put up too much of a fight over taking custody of me for long before her resolve vanished. I moved out here with dad, who was looking for fresh beginnings. And I guess that's what this is. Trying to forgive, forget, and move the hell on with our own lives."

Damien stayed quiet for a while, observing me with one hand stroking his chin as if he were a shrink. When he finally spoke up, it wasn't the reassuring words of comfort that I had been expecting.

"So that explains the extra place-setting."

My head whipped in his direction, mouth dropping open in the least graceful way. Damien smiled a little at the shock that flitted across my face.

"What, you thought I didn't notice? You had it set for your mom, even though you knew she wouldn't show up."

The End

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