Damien's Stupid Apology

“I owe you an apology,” he said then paused for a second before correcting himself, “two actually.”

“Damien, I-”

“Please May,” he held up a hand to stop whatever it was I had to say, “hear me out.” I pressed my lips together and nodded. When he was sure I wouldn’t speak up again, Damien took inhaled deeply then let it out into the open with the words, “I didn’t mean to ruin your Thanksgiving like this.”

He chose not to acknowledge the startled, ‘eh’ that escaped me. That, or it had been too soft for him to hear. A strange redness settled into his cheeks that seemed out of place on his face. This was Damien - the Damien that teased the hell out of me at every given opportunity he had, the Damien that was almost always laughing or joking about something that only he truly got. Seeing him looking this serious...it made me worry. Especially when it was over a stupid reason like that.

"Showing up at your doorstep like that announced, let alone on Thanksgiving day is unforgivable."

Unforgivable? Was he back to being dramatic again? "That's a little extreme Dai," I said, giving him a small smile.

He didn't smile back. "I intruded on your family dinner with your dad. And you've barely spoken a word to me all of this evening." He dropped his gaze from my eyes and looked up at the stars above us, regret streaming onto his face. "I guess I really know how to make you hate me."

"Are you crazy?"

I couldn't stay quiet any longer after hearing those words. Damien wasn't being dramatic or sarcastic. The genuine traces of sadness and guilt in his voice were unmistakable and what prompted me to edge closer to him, close enough to place my hand on top of the one he had propped on the armrest. The unexpected contact gained his attention as he turned his head to face me, eyebrows raising in surprise.

"Damien," I wet my lips, my mouth feeling dry all of a sudden before I confessed, "truth be told, I'm really happy you're here."

My words hung in the air for a while before I spoke again, gaining no reaction from Damien whose face had morphed into a poker-face he was getting good at keeping up. He didn't believe me. He thought I was saying this for his sake.

"Thanksgiving is a hard time for me." I took my hand off of his and rested it on my lap, looking down at the surface of my palms that grew clammier as I recalled unpleasant memories. "You and Nick both probably heard from Leo about my parents situation and all. It's hard for me, and dad too, during holidays like Thank-"

"Leo never told us."

I looked up to see Damien staring at me, in an almost begrudging manner.

"But, you guys tell each other everything."

"That's what I thought too."

The End

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