Leo's Chauffeur

I watched and followed Leo as he walked through the car park and toward a car parked further down the street. It was a beautiful black Mercedes Benz, one that my dad would have killed to have. Without hesitation, he opened the passenger door and my eyebrows shot up in surprise. I opened my mouth to remind him that stepping into cars that did not belong to him was, in fact, a crime but stopped as the the driver stepped out and addressed Leo.

“Mr. Harper.”

“Put these bags in the trunk, Greyson,” he ordered coolly.

“Yes sir.”  

The driver took the groceries from me and Leo wordlessly, and followed Leo’s instruction.

“Get in,” Leo spoke, and I realized he was holding the door open for me. “My driver will take you home. You can’t be carrying all this with you.”

Leo had his own chauffeur? Didn’t only rich families have their own personal drivers like this sharply dressed ‘Greyson’ fellow? I held back the questions I had and stepped forward, ducking my head and settling into the leather seat. I expected Leo to join me but instead, he shut the door and bent down to look at me through the open window.

“Greyson will drop you home and help you with your groceries.”

“T-thank you, but what about you?”

He shook his head, blonde strands falling in front of his eyes and covering them from my view. “I don’t have any plans to go home quite yet.”

“Oh, well...okay.”

With a firm smile, he greeted, “Well then, happy Thanksgiving Makayla.”

Leo straightened, moving away from the window and told Greyson my address before stepping back from the car. His driver entered and started the engine, and soon we were driving away from the supermarket and toward the direction of my house. I turned back in my seat to see Leo already walking away from the supermarket.

Several questions had sprung up in my mind and I wondered when I would get the chance to discover the answers to them. I’d never thought that Leo was a rich guy. He definitely didn’t act like one. In fact, he hadn’t even given me a chance to wish him a happy Thanksgiving back. Was it because he was afraid I would start to interrogate him?
Settling into the cool leather of the car, I hugged my arms around my stomach and rested my head back. I guess I would have to wait another four days to see Leo Harper, let alone, try to figure out who he really is. And just when I’d thought the Dark Lord was the only complicated one of the group.

The End

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