My 'Hot' Date

“Where are we headed by the way?”

Leo’s question grabbed my attention. I looked up to see an expression of curiosity plastered across his face, then looked back at the street in front of us, unsure of how to answer that question.

“Who’s your date with? I think it’s hardly necessary for me to take you there as I wouldn’t want to be an intrusion.”

Was the jealousy I detected in his voice? No. It couldn’t be. He just didn’t want to get in the way. Leo, ever the gentleman, started to take out his phone and dial a number without even listening to what I had to say.

“I’ll just get my driver to take you where you need to go to meet up with this guy-”

I didn’t register what he’d said, watching as as he raised his hand to press his phone against his ear. Before he got the chance to do whatever it is he wanted to, I stopped him, grabbing the device and canceling the call he’d been about to make. Leo didn’t stop me but if at all, my actions seemed to tease the suspicion that had already been planted.
“Makayla,” he warned, drawing out the syllables in my name.

Cracking a smirk at him, I took out the piece of paper I'd tucked into the front pocket of my jeans and grabbed his hand, pressing the folded square onto it. Leo glanced at the paper, then at me before slowly opening it, like it were a bomb that would detonate any second. His eyes scanned over the contents of the page, laughter slowly growing in his eyes.

This is your hot date?”

When his eyes flickered back to my face, we both grinned at each other like idiots before Leo shrugged and wiped the rare full-smile off of his face. Although he was settling back into serious mode, the amusement in his voice was unmistakable when he said, “Alright, I’m in.”

The End

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