Damien's Overreaction

My words hung in the air, and as if the universe wanted to add dramatic effect, a cold breeze swept by like a scene out of an old Western movie. Damien flinched away, as if I had just punched him in the gut with my words.


Leo let out a huff of breath by my side, bringing one hand up to his forehead then murmured, "You should have told him in advance."

Before I got a chance to react, Damien leaped toward me and grabbed me by my shoulders.

"Since when do you have 'other plans'? With who? Why didn't you tell me before?"

Man, this guy knew how to get on my nerves. I gave him one big shove that set me free from his grip. "Since when do I have to report every little thing in my life to you, Damien? I. Have. Other. Plans. Period."

He stumbled backwards, one drawn out step for every word that I had emphasized. Nick caught him by his shoulders and shot me an apologetic grin as if he were apologizing on behalf of Damien’s silliness. I shook my head at him, giving him a small smile to let him know it was not his apology that I needed before casting Damien a deathly glare and turning on my heel with a haughty 'hmph'.

"Come on Leo, walk me to my hot date!" I grabbed Leo's wrist and pulled him along forcefully, walking in the opposite direction. He didn't seem to mind one bit, slipping his hand into mine comfortably. In fact, I got the feeling that my little spat with Damien had him feeling entertained. Well, that was fine by me! At least one of us was amused by all this.

"H-hey, wait!" Damien called out from behind me. His footsteps sounded loudly off of the pavement as he started to run after us before stopping all together. I refused to turn my head and look back at whatever was happening, but had a feeling that Nick was restraining him due to the slight sounds of a struggle. "Lemme go, Saunders! I've got a bone to pick with her!"

"Will you stop being a baby and just let her go? It's not like you're her boyfriend!"

Damien stuttered a little bit at that before retorting, "Don't you feel betrayed? She just dropped us like-"

We’d walked far enough away to be out of hearing distance to Damien’s racket, cutting off whatever he’d been saying. As Leo and I rounded the corner of the street, I finally let my head fall a little lower, shoulders aching from how high I'd been holding it up in the air. Leo let go of my hand and placed it on top of my head, patting.

"There, there."

I shot him a tired look and sigh, continuing our walk and hoping that Nick had the ability to convince Damien not to follow us. “Why do I put up with that knucklehead’s monstrosities?”

Leo let out a chuckle, blue eyes lighting up in amusement. “I think that’s pushing it a tad.”

The End

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