Thanksgiving Plans (II)

"Yup. Her mom will be too. I haven't seen Lilly in a while so that's one more reason to look forward to tomorrow evening."

Turning to Leo, I asked him with curiosity in my voice, "Who's Lillian?"

He scratched the back of his head, messing up his blonde hair even more. With the palm of his other hand, he stifled a bored yawn, as if this conversation were of no interest to him.

Nevertheless, he met my waiting gaze and answered, "Amy's older brother's girlfriend. She's in college now. Lillian has known their family since they were kids. Nick adores her, kind of looks up to her like the sister he never had."

"What about Damien?" I looked back at the way he kept chatting with Nick about this Lillian-chick. "I bet he's awfully chummy with her."

Leo raised an eyebrow at my words. "Chummy would be the wrong word to use to describe their relationship. She barely tolerates him."

Huh. That actually made me happy to hear. Knowing that I wasn't the sole female on the planet that found Damien's excessive flirting and 'charisma' totally unappealing made me want to meet this mysterious Lillian and form a club of our own.

"So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving dinner?" I asked, turning my head to look up at Leo. He seemed surprised at my question, that I would be interested in his plans in the first place, but only for a second before he went back to looking indifferent.

"The usual. Big family dinner. You?"

Before I could answer his question, Damien tapped me on the shoulder, interjecting with his words.

"Nick and I are headed that way. Unless you want to get left behind, you should say your goodbyes to Leo," he announced, jerking his head at the sidewalk behind him. It had become a routine of sorts for the three of us to walk home together, my house being the first on the way. Not this time though.

When I started to shake my head 'no', Damien stopped walking backward and frowned. He raised a hand, bringing it down on Nick's shoulder to stop him from continuing and turn him around. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes, noticing that Damien's frown deepened even further as I uttered the words, "I have other plans."

The End

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