The Fan Club's Official Threat

Katie towered above me, her hand planted firmly near the left side of my face. I could still feel the rattle of the metal from when she’d slapped her hand against the surface in an attempt to scare me. For what reason?  

“About what exactly?”

“As if you don’t know,” she snorted. “Don’t get so full of yourself just because they’ve taken you in.”

They? Could she be talking about...

“You don’t mean Nick, Leo and Da-”

“Damien, yes,” she interrupted. “You’re just a stray that he’s chosen to pick up. You’re nothing but another girl who caught his eye. Just like all the others.”

My mind put together the pieces of a blatantly obvious puzzle. “He dumped you just like he’d said he would,” I declared, sounding way too enthusiastic as I clicked my fingers together. Jumping back like I’d struck her with the force of a lightning bolt, Katie glowered at me, her body twitching in irritation.

“You’re not really upset about the fact that I’m part of their group. You’re upset that I’m friends with Damien.”

She gnashed her teeth together so hard that I was afraid she might break ‘em.

“You think you’re so special just because he’s holding on to you longer than he has the rest of us but let me tell you something Summers-” she paused for dramatic effect, and raised a hand up in the air before bringing it back down with a swoosh, pointing at herself. Puffing her chest out, she boomed, “we, the official Damien Cross fan club, cannot tolerate such a crime.”

I blinked, watching silently as her fellow ‘fan club’ members stepped forwards, stomping their feet on the ground loudly and actually shouted, ‘Hail Damien!’ Had I just stepped into a real-life anime?

Stifling a laugh, I raised my hands in front of me as a form of peace. “Listen, Katie, Damien and I are just friends.”

“Oh?” she perked up at the news, scowl faltering for a second. “So it’s true you’re dating Leo then?”

I shook my head.

“Oh, so then Nick?” One of the other girls piped up.

I shook my head even harder.

“I’m just friends with those three. Sure, it’s true that they sort of adopted me into their group but,” slipping my hands into my shorts pockets, I shrugged and continued, “I hardly think it calls for an official declaration of war from the uh... ‘I heart Damien’ club.” I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at the end, something I knew that Katie would not have appreciated one bit. Although she looked a tad bit calmer now, she didn’t let my words faze her completely.

“Whatever, but if you lay one hand on our man, we’ll come after you Summers. I, Katie Collins, leader of this club, promise you that.”

I gave her a mock salute and watched as she let out a ‘hmph’ and walked away, showing off her sass. Her friends threw me heated glances before following after her. When they had finally disappeared from sight, I turned back to pick up the towel for my shower and could no longer hold back the laughter that had been bubbling up.

Should I find it funny that I had, technically, been threatened by a group of Damien-thirsty plastics? No. Should I be worried about the fact that I was the official target of a deranged fan club? Yes.

Instead, I decided to go take a much needed shower and laugh the whole while about the soap opera my life had become.

The End

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