The Reappearance of Katie Collins

When I entered the locker room to the sound of giggling and conversations, I was glad that not many of them minded my added presence and continued, avoiding the eyes of the girls around me.

I had stowed my bag and my change of clothes in a locker at the way back, in an area which wasn’t normally used. Taking my key out of my gym shorts, I took out my belongings from the locker and set them on the bench. Using a small towel, I dabbed at the sweat that had pooled at the back of my neck. God, I smelled.

Deciding it would be best to have a quick shower before meeting the guys for lunch, I grabbed a towel from the open shelf and turned around to make my way to the showers but instead, collided headfirst into someone.

“Ouch.” I rubbed my forehead, and peered through my narrowed eyes at the girl who had barged into me. I expected it to be a random stranger but was surprised at the recognition that spread through. It was Katie Collins. And by the look on her face, I got the feeling that our bump hadn’t been purely accidental on her part.

Her short brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, bringing out her sharp cheekbones and broad forehead that glistened with sweat. Her blue eyes glimmered in undeniable anger, cold and harsh as she glared down at me in a way that made me want to recoil away. The last time I had seen her was at the party at Nick’s place. Back then, I would never have guessed that she could look at anyone with so much distaste and hatred, the way she was now.

“Well well, Makalya Summers,” she spoke loudly, crossing her arms in front of her chest as a malicious grin warped the features of her face. “Didn’t think I’d be fortunate enough to catch you alone.”

What was she even doing here in the locker room? It was our class that had just had P.E. She’s an 11th grader and yet sneered at me like I was her junior. Four girls stood behind her, just as pretty as her. Thin, slender, tall and utterly ravishing. And yet...they too, looked angry at me. Had I murdered people’s poodles in my sleep again?

Biting back a laugh at the thought, I cleared my throat and said, “Yes, it’s nice to see you too Katie. How are you doing?”

She scowled at my words and stepped toward me all too suddenly, her hand shooting forward and punching the locker just behind my head. Her supporters watched, eyes widening briefly before scuttling closer and surrounding us on all sides, effectively trapping me against the lockers behind us.

“I’m not here to make small talk with you Summers,” Katie growled. ‘I’m here to warn you.”

The End

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