A Regular Start to A Regular Monday

Damien fell back on the floor, letting out an audible thud. Fake shock spread across his face, and his hand tightened around the material of his shirt as if his heart was about to give. "That...really...hurt," he gasped, squeezing his eyes shut. "Princess, why do you wound me so?"

Suddenly, the smack of a ruler against a desk reverberated through the air, silencing everyone in the class. All of our eyes whipped to the front where Mrs. Hammond stood, looking unimpressed at the scene in front of her with her hand tightly wound around a wooden ruler (she's an English teacher, why did she have one in the first place?!)

Everyone scrambled to their respective seats, even Leo, but Damien lay on the ground like a dead animal, still.

"Mr. Cross," her voice crackled like a whip, gray eyes flickering to Damien who didn't so much as budge, "will you get up or shall I have to declare my presence in a special manner for you?"

Leo poked me on the neck with my pen. "Say it or he'll land himself in detention."

Sighing internally, I jostled Damien's leg with my foot and whispered loud enough for just him to hear, "You're a hundred percent gentleman Damien, now get your ass up."

Flowing with energy once more, he jumped back to his feet, and bowed in Mrs. Hammond’s direction. “Forgive me Your Highness,” he said, sounding far too genuine in his address to count as sarcasm or mockery. He then turned to me and wiggled his eyebrows like the no-good flirt he was. “And thank you Princess for restoring my life.” With that, he sat down in front of me and started to rummage in his bag for his things.

Relaxing, I sat back against my chair and opened my notebook to a blank page. Just as I was writing today’s date on the top right corner, he turned around in his chair and smacked a post-it note on the surface of my desk before facing the front again. Already frowning, I read the messy scrawl of Damien’s writing:

I’ll show you how much of a gentleman I can be. *nudge nudge*

I held back a groan and glared at the back of Damien’s head, pushing his note aside. Mrs. Hammond’s dull drone invaded my senses as I redirected my attention to the white board. This was just a regular start to a regular Monday. With Damien in my life, I would simply have to get used to this.

The End

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