And Here We Go...

I walked into the classroom only to see that Mrs. Hammond hadn't yet arrived although the bell signalling the start of first period had already rung. The class was bustling with life and a couple girls in the front row looked up at me in interest, as if waiting to see what I'd do. Two weeks had passed since Damien's grand gesture for me, and those were two weeksI had put to good use to practice getting used to the attention I was receiving, or more specifically, ignoring it.

Tearing my eyes away from those that had theirs fixed on me, I made my way to the usual spot where the trio usually sat for this particular class.

Leo looked laid-back as usual, leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest (what a poser). His blonde hair was tousled like he'd just gotten out of bed and that distant, bored look was set into his handsome features.

Damien sat cross-legged on top of a desk, drumming his hands on his thighs. He looked energetic, having fully recovered from his cold. Upon hearing something that Nick said, he leaned forwards and threw his head back in a booming laugh that could have brought the building down. It definitely had a few heads turning and I tried not to shake my head at his theatrics. Whether Damien wanted the attention or was just naturally flamboyant is a mystery I'm still trying to crack.

Nick was the only who looked and acted like a proper student. He was seated in his chair, tucked into his desk, the surface upon which his hands were neatly folded. A notebook and textbook lay propped in front of him, already on the appropriate page for today's lesson. His sunny blonde hair was combed and swept forwards, and he raised his index finger to his lips, shooting Damien a glare as if to scold him for the racket he was making. Even that expression looked oddly out of place on his face, but it was soon washed away by a grin when he saw me.

"'morning May!" he chirped brightly, waving at me.

"Weirdos," I grinned, and tipped an imaginary hat in their direction. Leo's lips turned upwards for the shortest moment in reaction to my gesture, Nick laughed and Damien, all too enthusiastic jumped off the desk, lumbering forwards like an ogre to strangle me.

"May!" he shouted happily. I ducked and ran beneath his out-stretched arms, almost colliding into Leo who steadied me, hands grabbing me by my shoulders.

"Easy there."

"Thanks," I said, smiling up at him then quickly plopped down onto my chair before Damien could get back.

Damien staggered over to me, clutching the left side of his chest like he was fighting for life. "How could you treat me so coldly, princess? I, the stable boy, grieve." He fell on his knees in front of me, inciting whispers from the rest of the class. I ignored them. "Also, you replied to those two, but ignored my text," he added with a pout, staring up at me from behind his long lashes.

"You mean this text?" I opened my phone, cleared my throat, and imitated his deep voice.

"Brrrrr. I'm cooooold. Get your butt to school. I wanna hug you."

Nick snickered in the background. "Seriously? That's what you wrote? That's really sad Dai."

"You should have shown concern over the weather and her well being. That's what a gentleman would have done," Leo said coldly, like a master disappointed at the poor actions of his apprentice. He shook his head at Damien who scowled at the two over his shoulder.

"That's why I didn't reply." I said, taking out my textbook and notes from my bag. "You don't have one bit of a gentleman in you."

The End

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